Some of the different types of Rice dishes that are very famous Indian food cuisine as well as in marketplace:


  • Veg-Biryani

This Veg Biryani is also known as veg dum biryani, it is an authentic Indian vegetarian dish that contains Basmati rice, vegetables, and different kinds of spices. For making the veg biryani a person needs patience, attention, care, & lots of love. The savory flavors of veg biryani are very tasty and can be prepared at home easily.


  • Pulao

Pulao is also termed as pilaf & it is a one-pot dish mainly made with rice, vegetables, aromatic spices, herbs & sometimes meat (or chicken). It is quick, easy, and satisfying food that is very tasty & has a unique taste. Pulao may be a veggie dish as well non-veggie dish & served with raita ( salted buttermilk ), pickles, and roasted papad, & chutneys too.


  • Curd Rice

Curd rice is also known as thayir Sadam, daddojanam, Begala bath in South Indian languages. Curd rice is a popular and tasty dish that mainly originated from the South Indian region & mainly served with a South Indian thali ( or a meal ). Curd rice is made up of cooked rice which is then mixed into curd (yogurt), herbs. 


  • Tomato Rice

This simple, quick, and tasty Tomato Rice dish is the most lovable dish from the Tamil Nadu region, mainly in south India. In the Tamil language, tomato rice is also known to be as Thakkali Sadam. Tomato rice is very delicious, healthy & is very suitable for lunch meal as it is an energy giving food. While this tomato rice is a spicy dish ( as it has lots of spices ) & it is mainly served with fresh papad, or boondi raita & it is very light & tasty dish.


  • Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice is also known to be as chitranna or nimmakaya pulihora. Lemon rice is a  crunchy, tasty, and spicy dish which can be easily made at home. It mainly contains Lemon juice, nuts, different kinds of spices, herbs, and all of these ingredients after preparing give a very tasty flavor that no one can deny its taste. The dry fruits ( such as nuts ) give a unique texture to the lemon rice. This lemon rice is one of the most preferable dishes in India as well as outside the Indian boundaries.


  • Jeera Rice

Jeera (Cumin) rice is a very popular dish in the North Indian region and Pakistan & can be easily found as an everyday rice dish meal. It is easy to prepare & can be prepare by using two methods i.e., one-pot method & restaurant-style method.  We can say jeera rice is similar to the biryani. The word “jeera” is mainly originated from the Hindi dictionary which means cumin seeds, also called as Jeera. The ingredients used for making jeera rice are basmati rice, cumin seeds (jeera), vegetable oil/ghee, onions, and coriander leaves. It is mainly served with chutney or salted Dahi.


  • Fried Rice

Fried rice is a type of rice dish in which the rice is boiled or steamed & fried in a deep pan with different kinds of vegetables, species, herbs & some non-veggie ingredients too. It can be a veggie or non-veggie dish & depends on your taste. It is very famous in south Asian regions & East Asian regions. Fried rice is the national dish of Malaysia & Indonesia. This dish is firstly discovered in the Chinese region & become spread & popular to other parts of the globe. It is a common street type of food in Asia. It is mainly served with soy sauce or tamari, papad, or pickles.


  • Tawa Pulao Rice

Tawa pulao is a type of Rice dish & it is a very popular dish in Mumbai& can be easily found on street food corners. Tawa pulao is a mixture of rice and vegetables fried with pav bhaji masala and other aromatic spices, & herbs. It is a very popular and tasty rice dish in India.


  • Khichdi Rice

This Khichdi is light and easy-to-digest Indian food & mainly contains or is made up of rice and moong dal. It has many nutritions & a light dish. It is also known as dal khichdi & mainly served with curd, boondi raita, or papad. It is prepared by using the pressure cooker & mainly eaten by the patients as it is healthy & nutritious. Khichdi contains many ingredients like rice, moong dal, ghee, vegetables, spices & herbs. 


  • Bisi bele bath Rice

Bisi bele bath is a delicious and healthy dish that contains rice, different kinds of lentils, vegetables, flavored spices & herbs. It mainly comes from the traditional cuisines of the Karnataka region. Bisi bele rice is mainly served with pickles, raita, papad, or maybe with Dahi ( or salted Dahi/Buttermilk).


  • Ghee Rice

Ghee rice is also known as spiced rice. It is mainly made up of cooked rice where the different kinds of spices & herbs are added to give an aromatic flavor & texture along with the taste of ghee. In spiced rice, ghee is the primary ingredient. Spiced rice is mainly eaten by the people of Kerala, i.e., in the Malabar region, Karnataka i.e., Tulunad region, and some other regions of South India. It is not even very famous in India but across the globe having sone variations like mixing of spices, non-veggie items, & some other ingredients too. Ghee rice is called as ‘neyita nuppu’ in the Tulunad region and ‘neyichoru’ in the Malayalam region.


  • Kheer

Kheer is a sweet dish of rice. Basically, kheer is the Indian version of rice pudding & mainly contains basmati rice, milk, sugar, nuts, dry fruits, and spices. It is mainly prepared in India during occasional events & during festivals celebration like Diwali, Holi, etc. In the South Indian region, kheer is also known to be as payasam. Rice payasam can be made up of both i.e., it can be prepared by using milk and coconut milk. Also, you can use sugar or jaggery as the sweeteners agent in the making of kheer/Payasam.