Some of the different types of Pulaos that are very famous Indian food cuisine as well as in marketplace:


  • Pashtooni Zarda Pulao

Pashtooni zarda pulao is basically a sweet pulao also known as Meethe Chawal or Zarda in some regions & it is a traditional pulao made to celebrate Meethi Eid, the word ‘Zarda’ is derived from a Persian word ‘zard’, which literally means yellow or orange-yellow dish at that time. It is basically prepared by adding saffron and rose water, which makes the dish colorful ( yellowish color) & gives an aroma taste. khoya and sugar added to give it a sweet flavor. It is mainly served with raita, chutneys, etc.


  •  Tawa Sabz Pulao

Tawa sabzi pulao is also known to be as sabzi pulao & it is a healthy, filling meal that can satisfy the hunger of any personas it can be prepared at any time. Tawa sabs Pulao mainly consists of vegetables fried in salt and garam masala ( as sabzi ), Tawa sabzi pulao can be the easiest pulao with a great taste of vegetables in it. It is mainly served with raita, chutneys, etc. 


  • Sesame Seeds Pulao

Sesame seeds pulao is a mixture of roasted or fried sesame seeds, chilies, dry fruits (fried peanuts and cashews), which is then cooked with cream and butter which makes the rice more rice creamy & tasty too. The rice is cooked or maybe boiled with urad dal, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. It is a dish rich in proteins and a fragrant mix that is basically suitable for lunch meal tables, It is mainly served with raita, chutneys, etc.


  • Zafrani Pulao

Zafrani Pulao is creamy, milky rice pulao, rich in proteins, flavourful, and a tasty meal that every person wants to eat. Zafrani pulao is a type of complete meal & the rice of zafrani pulao is mainly cooked with some roasted dry fruits (raisins, almonds, and cashews). Then, it is poured into a creamy milk mixture made with milk, cream, sugar, cardamom ( Ealichi ), ghee, and butter & saffron that gives yellowish color to zafrani pulao.


  • Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli Pulao is a type of pulao that contains the taste & goodness of chickpeas (or called Kabuli chana, gram peas) & mixed with rice and different kinds of spices. This Kabuli chana pulao is very famous in the North Indian region.  It is also mainly served with raita, chutneys, etc.


  • Matar Pulao

Matar Pulao is a quick and delicious pulao that mainly consists of the flavor Matar ( i.e., Green Peas ), matar pulao is very famous in India & mainly served with raita, chutneys, etc, during the winter season & can be easily found on Marriages, Birthday parties or any other occasional festivals. It contains some ingredients like Shiny green peas, different kinds of aromatic spices cooked with rice.


  • Basanti Pulao

Basanti Pulao is also known as Mishti pulao, Basanti pulao is a popular Bengali dish that is specially made during the special occassion of Durga Puja. It has rich ingredients of raisins and cashew nuts and some other ingredients like cinnamon, elaichi ( cardamom ), sugar, saffron, etc. 


  • Coconut Milk Pulao

Coconut Milk Pulao is mainly cooked in coconut milk & it is a decadent pulao dish that is also very famous in the North Indian region. It is hard to hard prepare within 30 minutes & gives an aroma taste. It contains some ingredients such as cinnamon, cashew nuts, saffron along with flavourful chilies and tomatoes. 


  • Oats and Shallots Pulao

If you are looking for the right dish to add some nutritional values, so oats & shallots pulao is the right choice. This pulao contains a great taste of coconut, ginger, garlic, onion, chilies, and rice that contains shallots and oats, spices like cinnamon, cardamom, red chili powder, and cloves. Oats & Shallots Pulao is a healthy, delicious, and unique dish that is very famous in India as well as outside the Indian Boundaries.


  • Chicken Pulao

Chicken Pulao is a Non-veggie dish that mainly consists of or is made up of chicken pieces. It contains many kinds of aromatic spices. This pulao has a unique taste because of the combination of rice & Non-veggie ingredients i.e., Chicken. Chicken pulao is very famous in Hyderabad & as same as other Hyderabadi dishes it is also very easy to make. It is also mainly served with raita, chutneys, etc.


  • Kashmiri Pulao

Kashmiri pulao is very famous in India ( i.e., in the Kashmiri region ) as well as outside the Indian region for those who want to enjoy the taste of Kashmiri cuisine. It is one of the most popular pulao which has an incredible or a great taste which makes this pulao unique from other Pulaos too. It consists of many ingredients such as herbs and spices which provide a sweet and delicious taste to Kashmiri pulao. Kashmiri pulao can be easily prepared at home without any problem. It is also mainly served with raita, chutneys, etc.