Some of the well-Famous & different types of Parathas that are easily available in the marketplace or can be made at home:



  • Aloo ka Paratha

Aloo Paratha is mainly originated from the Punjab region, India. It is a breakfast dish and one of the most popular breakfast dishes in the western, central, and northern regions of India as well as outside the Indian boundaries like Pakistan, Afghanistan. Aloo parathas consist of Flour dough which is mixed with boiled & mashed potatoes, spices, Green chilies, & which is then cooked on a Tawa with ghee or vegetable oil. Aloo paratha is mainly served with butter, chutney, or Indian pickles as it depends upon the choice of different regions.

  • Chilli Paratha


Chilli Paratha is mainly originated from Madurai, a city located 290 miles away from Chennai. Chilli paratha is basically suitable for those people who want chili or hot taste. It is very favorable as well as famous at many restaurants across India, especially South India. It is Usually a plain paratha but broken down into small pieces and mixed as well as fried with onions, tomatoes, and chili powder. Coriander leaves or green onions are usually used as topping on Chilli Paratha. It is mainly served with raitha (or salted Dahi or yogurt) and vegetables salad. It is not even famous in India but also in Pakistan, because of its unique taste as well and it is served as a breakfast meal with other kinds of parathas.


  • Gobi ka Paratha

Gobi paratha is a type of paratha or (parantha) that is also originated from the south Indian region. Gobi Paratha is filled either with cauliflower or cabbage and other types of vegetables too. In India, It is usually consumed as a breakfast meal or school lunch for children. It is mainly served with boondi ka raita, salted curd, butter, or pickle. Gobi paratha is famous in India as well as outside the Indian boundaries like Pakistan, Kazakistan, etc.

  • Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai Paratha is originated from the Bengal region during the time of the Mughal Empire and it is a very popular Bengali street dish. As the name suggests, this dish is believed to be prepared for Jahangir (an emperor )during the Mughal period. Mughlai Paratha is a soft fried paratha and made by using a non-veggie ingredient i.e., keema (chopped meat), eggs, onions, and black pepper. It is very famous among the Non-veggie peoples as well as outside the Indian subcontinent.

  • Mushroom Paratha

Mushroom is that type of vegetable that can change the taste of any basic dish to a delicious dish. So, nowadays Mushrooms are also used in making paratha as it gives a unique taste and texture to Indian basic dishes. For making a Mushroom Paratha you need to make stuff or well fry the mixture of mushrooms & spices and then add this mixture to flour dough before cooking it on Tawa. It is served with Raita or pickles mainly. 

  • Methi ka Paratha

Methi Parathas is a memorable part of each child’s childhood memories. Mainly, Methi paratha is served with different kinds of pickles. Methi also known as fenugreek, is a type of green vegetable that can be easily available in markets during winter seasons but generally, children avoid eating methi. But, we all know that Indian society is well famous for its new-new types of dishes, so someone makes the Use of methi in a paratha instead of eating it simply so that children also eat Methi without any unfavorable choice. For making a methi paratha, Methi is mixed with flour & then the dough is made and cooked on Tawa with butter or ghee.

  • Mooli ka Paratha

We all know that Raddish (Mooli) is a good indicator for solving gastric problems. Mooli paratha is also the same as Methi Paratha, but the only difference is that instead of adding Methi people generally add chopped Mooli (Raddish) to flour & then make the dough, and hence it gives a different taste from other parathas & a unique texture to it. It is mainly served with Raitas, salted Dahi, pickles, or as depends upon your taste & flavor.

  • Matar ( Green Peas ) ka Paratha


Matar Paratha is a kind of paratha having green peas filled in the center of it. For making a Matar Paratha, the peas are boiled in water along with a small ½ teaspoon of salt and when the peas are completely boiled so, they are grind/churn well in a mixer and add vegetable Masala, spices to it as it is a base for making Matar paratha. When the base is ready, mix it into Flour & cook on Tawa. You can even use boiled or mashed potatoes in place of matar too, for making this paratha. Matar Paratha is mainly served with Gravy dishes but can be with raita, buttermilk, pickles, or as you wish.