Some of the different types of crab dishes that are very famous in Indian food cuisine as well as in the marketplace:


  • Mini Crab Melts

Mint crab softens is a tasty & delicious, messy dish, and it requires 20 minutes approx for preparation. Mint crab has many ingredients like sliced bread, mayonnaise sauce, fresh lime juice, chopped vegetable pieces, salt, red onion, tomato slices, different kinds of cheese, black pepper & crab meat ( in chopped or crushed & boiled pieces )as a primary ingredient.

  •  Boiled Dungeness Crab

Boiled Dungeness crab is a simple & delicious dish and it is very easy for making. It contains some Ingredients like a large fennel bulb, fresh lime juice, lemon slices, salt, the meat of live Dungeness crabs, lemon-aamchoor sauce, ginger, & butter. This dish is mainly prepared by the cooking of live Dungeness crabs & mainly served hot ( as it gave a great taste )or chilled with lemon-aamchoor sauce, or with green chilly chutney.

  • Cracked Crabs

Cracked crabs is a healthy dish & can be easily prepared on a cooktop. The ingredients that are required for making this dish are Koshar salt, ground black pepper, white pepper, celery seeds, coriander or bay leaves, blue crabs, unsalted butter, and hot sauce ( maybe of dry mango powder or mayonnaise ). When this dish is fully prepared, it is mainly served with unsalted butter & Hot sauces (maybe of dry mango powder or mayonnaise).

  • Shrimp and Crab Nachos

Shrimp and crab nachos are very tasty as well as a delicious texture holding dish. It takes only 15 minutes to be fully prepared. Ingredients used for making Shrimp & crab Nachos are olive oil, pound deveined and peeled shrimp crabs, fried cumin seeds (jeera), chopped garlic pieces, crab meat ( cleaned and boiled), sour cream, green onions, yellow, blue, or white corn tortilla chips, black pepper, white cheese. It is mainly served as a gravy dish with Bun (bread), chapati or paratha, etc.

  • Blue Crab Dip

Blue crab plunge can likewise be made with Dungeness or some other crab meat. It mainly contains some ingredients like unsalted butter, chopped pieces of green onions, garlic clove, wheat flour, destroyed Swiss cheddar, new parsley, dry sherry, toast or saltines focuses, and blue crab meat. Cooked blue crab gives a great taste when it is mainly served with a cracker dish or toast dish.

  • Deviled Crab

Deviled crab is a delicious & healthy Food dish. It mainly contains some ingredients like eggs, chopped pieces of green onions, fresh lemon juice, ground nutmeg, sliced lemon pieces, and fresh crab meat as a primary ingredient. It also has some sliced pieces of unsalted butter, fresh & soft buns (bread), new parsley, white & black salt, and black pepper also. Deviled Crab is full of nutritional values & a perfect dish for a heavy meal.

  •  Caribbean Crab Cakes Benedict

Caribbean crab is a very delightful & unique dish. Caribbean crab contains many ingredients such as pieces of French bread, fresh crab meat, mayonnaise sauces, egg white, fresh lime juice, ginger paste, red pepper. It also contains some ingredients same as seafood toppings ingredients like peanut oil, unsalted cheese, eggs poached, crushed black pepper, and a paste of red ringer pepper.

  •  Stone Crab Claws

Stone crab claws dish is mainly presented with mustard sauce for eating. Ingredients used for making a stone crab claws dish include mayonnaise sauces, fiery earthy colored mustard, brown sugar, dry sherry nuts, Worcestershire sauce, and dry mustard paste. Now, all the ingredients are mixed together in a deep bowl & mainly served with mustard sauce.

  •  Cruising Crab Dip

Cruising crab dip is mainly served with slices of French bread and fried paste of unsalted butter or cheese. Ingredients used for making this dish include cream, unsalted cheese, green chilies, chopped tomato pieces, garlic clove, whipping cream, fresh lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, red pepper, salt, black pepper, fresh meat of lump crab, and chopped green parsley leaves.

  • Salmon Stuffed Crab

Salmon stuffed crab is a crab dish mainly served hot with spicy avocado sauce and fresh cilantro sprigs are used as toppings on it. For making a salmon stuffed crab dish, a person basically needs (Ingredients) fresh crab meat from the pond, chopped green onion pieces, fried peppers, mayonnaise sauces, sea salt, white pepper, salmon fish fried on tandoor having smoky flavor, panko, vegetable oil, spicy avocado sauce, and cilantro springs.

  • Asian Fried Crab

As the name suggests, the Asian fried crab dish is a delicious and crazy dish that is basically made up of fried crab. The ingredients used for making an Asian fried crab are fresh crabmeat, fresh ginger as well as its paste, garlic clove, eggs, soya sauce, chopped onion pieces, sesame seeds, vegetable oil, chopped radish, mushrooms, sprouts, savory or aromatic seafood spices, and nori strips (fried).

  •  Bite–size Wasabi Crab

As the name suggests “Bite-size wasabi crab”, so this dish is basically made up of small crabs that are of the Bite-size of a person. Bite-size wasabi crab is a crab dish that is mainly served with ginger or mushroom paste. The ingredients are required for making bite-size wasabi crab are slices of green onions, chopped shallots, mayonnaise sauces, wasabi paste, vinegar, lemon slices, fresh lemon juice, tamari, or soya sauce, fresh lump crab meat, fried egg (beaten), and vegetable oil (for cooking purpose).

  • Tempura Soft-Shell Crab

Tempura soft shell crab is a delightful & crispy light dish, that is basically made up of crushed pieces of tempura batter. For making a Tempura soft shell crab dish, a person basically needs (Ingredients) vegetable oil or canola oil, all-purpose flour (maida), sea salt or kosher salt, egg yolk, soda water, fresh soft shell crabs, Asian slaw, crab dipped sauces and little fried sesame seeds.

  • Crab, Mango, and Cashew Dip

Crab, mango, and cashew dip is a fresh & delicious dish made up of lump crab. The ingredients used for making this dish include chopped pieces of orange bell pepper, vegetable oil, chopped pieces of ripe mangoes, chopped pieces of green onions, fresh ricotta cheese, thin lemon slices, fresh lemon juice, salt, fresh meat of crab, roasted or little fried cashew nuts (pieces), and black pepper.

  • Crab Salad

Crab salad is a type of seafood that can easily be made at home. For making a crab salad, you may need (Ingredients) olive oil, chopped onion pieces, celery, roasted green and red bell pepper, crushed garlic pieces, fresh crab meat, mayonnaise cheese sauces, normal salt, sea salt, and black pepper. The crab salad is served after chilling. It requires only 20-25 minutes for preparation.