Sev Puri


Sev puri is basically a street-type chaat dish, which is mainly originated from the well famous city of India i.e., Mumbai. Basically, sev puri consists of besan & moong dal Papdis that is place over a plate with mashed & fried potato in it and after that Curd (Dahi), chutney, & sev are poured over it. It is a very tasty & delicious dish that can be easily found on the street of Mumbai- The film city of India.


Samosa Chaat


Samosa Chaat is the upgraded version or similar to samosa. The only difference is that for making it, the samosa is smashed & splash and mixed with dahi, tamarind chutney, and mint chutney. Basically, samosa chaat is a present time variety of chaat that can easily be found on the streets of the most cosmopolitan cities.


Papri Chaat


The Papri Chaat is basically originated in the Mughal period & as time passes it becomes very popular in India as well as outside the Indian Boundaries. Papri Chaat is a combo of papdi, dahi, boiled & chopped potatoes, onions, chutney, and mainly garnished with coriander leaves, chopped radish, and sometimes chopped ginger too. 




Mangodas are similar to Pakodas up to some extent. The only difference between both of these is that Pakodas are made up of Besan where as Mangodas is made up of the flor of lentils (especially Moong dal) and then dipped into a batter of besan & fried in vegetable oil or ghee. Mangodas are also served with green or red chutneys on a plate & can be also easily found on the streets of India.




Pakodas are basically a type of deep-fried fritters that are very popular as snacks, especially in rainy seasons. Some people also stated that Pakodas are not to be classified in the category of Chaat but pakodas are a chaat dish. Dahi Vada is a pakoda sub-category that is fried in a deep pan & can be easily found at every footstep or street corner in India. Basically, Pakodas are served with green & red chutneys and made up of gram flour (besan).


Dahi Vada


Dahi vada is very famous in India & also known as Dahi Bhalla in the Punjab region, Doi Bora in the Bengal region, Thayir Vadai in the Tamil Nadu region, Mosare Vada in Karnataka region, and Perugu Vade in the  Telangana region. Basically, it can be defined as an Indian dish having a ball-like shape that is made up of lentils, which are deep fried in vegetable oil or ghee & then dipped into dahi. Dahi vada is served with Masala dahi, red or green chutney & mostly coriander leaves are topped on it.


Ragda Patties


Ragda Patties are somewhat similar to Allo Tikki but having some additional ingredients in it. The only difference in both of these is that when an aloo Tikki is covered with a moong dal made from white chickpeas, then it is named as “ragda”. It is a very staple food in Mumbai and mainly served with green or red chutney, sev, and topped with coriander leaves.


Dahi Puri


Dahi puri is similar to Pani puri as for making a dahi puri chaat, the shells of pani puri are used & filled with a spicy mixture of mashed & boiled potato, chickpeas and Dahi, chutney, and sev also poured over the shells to give them a unique taste & texture. It is also a chaat dish which is originated from Mumbai city & In short, we can say that it is a result of Mumbai’s creativity with an upgraded version of gol gappa (or pani puri).Aloo Tikki Chaat


Basically, Aloo Tikki is originated from the north Indian region & becomes very popular in India as well. Aloo Tikki Chaat is a patty dish that is made up of boiled & mashed potatoes that are dipped into a spicy combo of water, dahi & chutney, and before serving sevs are sprinkled on it, which makes it tastier & increases its deliciousness. 




We can say that Bhelpuri is associated with the beaches of Mumbai means this chaat can also be easily found in the beach area & mostly eaten by tourists as well as locals who used to eat bhelpuri while walking on the beach, who wants to enjoy the pleasurable moment of sunset. Basically, Bhelpuri is a combination of puffed rice (Chivara), sev & diff. Kinds of namkeen, chopped onions, potato pieces, papdis, spicy masala, and all of these mixed with green or red chutney & served in a cone structured paper fold. Bhelpuri is of two kinds i.e., dry & wet. The dry bhelpuri does not contain chutney whereas the wet bhelpuri contains chutney.


Aloo Chaat


Aloo chaat is basically a side dish, originated from the North Indian food cuisine in India. But, in Delhi & Mumbai, aloo chaat is a portion of humble street food because of its spicy taste & unique texture. Aloo chaat is basically a combo of fried or boiled pieces of potato which are mixed with boiled or fried chana, chopped onions, and mixed with green or red chutney with the aromatic taste of Indian spices. Generally, coriander leaves are used as toppings over it and can be easily found at food stalls or streets in India.