Cheese Burger


A cheeseburger is a variation or an upgraded product of a hamburger, but the only difference between the cheeseburger & hamburger is that the cheeseburger has a thin slice of cheese that is kept on the top of the meat piece & then buns over it. The first and original cheeseburger was an American cheeseburger but we all know that the time is very almighty, so nowadays many variations are also available of cheeseburgers like Swiss cheeseburgers, Cheddar cheeseburgers, and numerous blue cheeses. Generally, cheeseburgers are served with green & red chutneys & topped with coriander leaves.


Chili Burger


Basically, it is believed that the first chili burger was invented by M. Thomas DeFrost in Los Angeles, America, during the 1920s. A chili burger is also a variation or an upgraded product of a hamburger which consists of a bun and a thin slice of meat that is topped with green or red chili con carne, and also the fried chili or chili chutney served on the side. The chili burger is also served open-faced in some regions or restaurants, and sometimes it is often topped with fried cheese and onions slices, and also french fries or potato fries are usually served as an additional dessert dish.

Bison Burger


A Bison Burger is also known as an American burger, it is also a variant of hamburger but the only difference is that as the name suggests, a Bison burger contains slices of meat from the North American bison. In many countries, this bison burger or hamburger is also known as buffalo burger as in place of bison meat, buffalo meat (meat coming from the African buffalo and water buffalo) is frequently used.


Onion Burger


Onion burger is also known as Oklahoma onion burger which mainly consists of thin slices of onions that are kept between the slices of the beef patty. For making an onion burger, the meat slices and onions pieces are fried together until the onions become reddish and crispy and the meat slices are also fully fried. Also, the onion burger contains a thin slice of fried & full-toned slice of American cheese & then all items are kept inside fried buns. The onion burger is served with pickles and mustard, or mayonnaise, or may be with both & also with the red sauce too.


Ramen Burger


The first ramen burger is invented by Keizo Shimamoto, who is a ramen blogger, in 2013 in Brooklyn city, New York, USA. Normally, we can say that a ramen burger is a unique variety of American hamburger which generally contains a thin slice of a meat patty that is placed between the two fried ramen noodle buns. The taste of ramen burgers is unique because the meat patty is mainly slathered or cut down in shoyu sauce and mostly topped with arugula and scallions. 


Rice Burger


Also, we can say that the Rice burger is the Japanese upgraded version of the omnipresent hamburger which is one of the most famous burgers in the world. As the name suggests, for making a rice burger Instead of using wheat buns, it uses a Japanese dish that uses pressed rice patties made with plain rice, eggs, and cornstarch & served with a mixed vegetable soup.


Poached Burger


The poached burger is also a well-known variety of American burgers which is mainly originated from the Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. The only place where this burger can be found is at Pete’s Hamburgers. For making a Poached burger, the meat is poached in shallow, hot water because to keep the meat moist, as the patties kept inside this burger are settled too long & it would be dry out. Firstly, the patty is fried with sliced onions & some other flavored liquids in a deep pan. Once done, the meat is kept & fried onion pieces are kept between the buns & then placed in an oven. Generally, this burger is served with tomato ketchup, or with a squirt of horseradish mustard and topped with coriander leaves & cabbage over it. 


Pastrami Burger


The pastrami burger is firstly invented by a Greek man i.e., James Katsanevas, who was a restaurant owner, known as Minos Burger restaurant in Anaheim. Generally, a Pastrami burger is made up of a toasted sesame seed bun that mainly contains a thin slice of beef patty & mainly topped with pastrami, American cheese, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, fried onion pieces, and white sauce or mayonnaise.


Bicky Burger


Bicky burger is a unique Belgian hamburger. A Bicky burger is very popular in American countries and also popular in the Netherland too. It also contains similar items as of Pastrami Burger like a sesame seed bun topped with deep-fried meat patty slices which are made from a combination of pork, chicken, and horse meat. The Bicky burger also contains some additional items like pickles (mixed vegetable pickles), fried onions pieces, Tomato ketchup, hot or dry sauce. For giving it an extra & unique identity, it also has some pieces of cucumbers, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard, and coriander leaves in it.


Green Chile Burger


The first green chile was evolved at least since the 1950s, but nowadays it is a tasty & delicious symbol of the New Mexico region. Green chile cheeseburger is basically a New variation of Mexico’s classic burger. For making a green chile burger, it mainly contains a green New Mexico chile-topped with fried beef patty pieces which are kept inside a burger bun, and also a slice of melted American cheese on top of the patty is kept to increase its deliciousness & become it tastier & crispy. Onions & lettuces are also used as toppings over this cheeseburger.