SOAN PAPDI (Sohan Papdi)

About Soan Papdi 


Soan Papdi is also Famous as Soan Papdi or Sohan Papdi, Patisa in India, it is a very famous and delicious Indian sweet and it usually comes in a cube shape or diamond-like shape and this sweet has a fibrous quality that makes it differ from other sweets. Soan papdi has many flavors and can be easily available. Soan Papdi is sweet and crispy in nature.

Soan papdi is a type of dessert and presented as a gift at many festivals or occasions like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, etc. Even though other religions in India also gift Soan papdi as a sign of Love, gifts to their loved ones on their festivals or occasions like Eid, Guruparva, Christmas, etc. Soan Papdi is an Indian sweet and very much Popular or we can say that very demandable on festivals and among the children and can be easily found on every Sweet shop corner in India. Soan papdi is a traditional sweet and can be easily prepared at home easily without any difficulty.

Soan papdi can be prepared in different manners and it depends upon a person’s taste and preference and varies from region to region in India. In the olden days, it was sold loose after rolling paper on it, but we know that time has a great impact on variations so modern people made it crispy and tight and gave it cube or diamond shapes too. 


History of Soan papdi


Many Peoples have their opinions related to the origin of Soan papdi but mainly it is originated from India as India is known for different types of sweets and tastes. Soan papdi is mainly originated from the western state of Maharashtra and after that, it is widely spread to Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, etc. Some people also believed that Soan papdi is basically originated from Uttar Pradesh.


Soan papdi is the only sweet that is usually made from ghee, flour, sugar, and cardamom. It is a very delightful and flaky sweet and can be easily found on every Sweet shop corner in India. Even though street vendors also sell soan papdi on the streets and it is one of the most lovable and famous sweets among the children. Some people have childhood memories related to Soan papdi because when they were children, Vendors usually come to their streets and they eat usually after dinner at night and they usually demand to their parents for purchasing that soan papdi. 

Soan papdi is simple but very delicious and tasty sweet, that no one can say no to eating it. Making soan papdi at home is beneficial as we can add any type of ingredients of our choice, better taste than outsiders or sweet stalls, healthy too. For storing it for a large duration of time you should pack or keep them in an airtight container or Box.


Some People also believed that Soan Papdi has mainly originated from the small town of  Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India i.e., Najibabad. After its arrival, it is widely spread to shops and Streets of other South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. But, all other countries gave it a new variation according to their region and locality.


Health Benefits of Soan Papdi —


The ingredients used in making a soan papdi are very useful as well as healthy nature. Ingredients like Besan (Gram flour) have an iron component and increases weight similarly the green cardamoms used in making soan papdi are well known for lowering Blood pressure, used in curing sexual diseases, have cancer-fighting properties too, and helps in solving digestive problems, and are beneficial for mouth ulcers. The Ghee used to make Soan papdi is a very good source of energy and increases fat levels in the body. It also has food energy of 30 (126 KJ).


Soan Papdi Recipe


Soan Papdi is basically made from sugar, Besan (Gram flour), Normal flour, Ghee, Milk, and Elaichi (cardamom). Some people think at Soan papdi and Patisa are the same but they both have a little difference that is Soan Papdi is Mainly yellow in color and Fibrous and Soft in nature but Patisa is mainly dark in color and hard in texture.


Ingredients for Soan Papdi

Things you should need For making Soan papdi at home easily:

  • 500 ml pure Ghee
  • 5 Cups of Sugar
  • 2 &1/2 Cups of Water
  • 1/4th Cup of Milk
  • 2 &1/2 cups of Gram Flour (Chickpea flour/ Besan)
  • 2 &1/2 cups Maida (All purpose / Plain flour)
  • 1 teaspoon of Cardamoms seeds (elaichi) in a chopped manner
  • 4-inch of squares or diamonds cut from thin polythene sheets or shape as you want 
  • Almonds and Pista in a chopped manner for decorating purpose


How to make Soan Papdi ?


Step:1 Take a deep bowl and mix Gram flour (Besan) and maida together in a good manner. 

Step:2 Take a deep Kadai (pan) and drop 500 ml ghee in it and heat it on medium flame

Step:3 Now, drop the mixture of maida and besan in Kadai and roast that mixture until it becomes golden in color. Keep aside for Let it be cool down.

Step:4 Take another deep bowl and gently mix milk and water together.

Step:5 Take a pan and drop that milk & water mixture & place it over the low-medium flame. Stir that gently till it mixes well.

Step:6 Boil that water & milk mixture until it reaches two-thread consistency.

Step:7 Pour that mixture into the flour mixture ( Mida and Besan mixture) and mix it well until the mixture reaches to thread-like flakes. (Say it Mixture3) 

Step:8 Now take a wide plate and apply some ghee on that plate, so that mixture does not stick on the surface of that plate. 

Step:9 Pour that Mixture 3 on that plate and flat that mixture 3 using a stick to the 1-inch thickness or as you want the thickness of Soan papdi.

Step:10 Put chopped and crushed Pistas, cardamons (elaichi), almonds on that mixture 3 and slowly press them on mixture 3.

Step:11 wait for cooling it i.e., mixture 3.

Step:12 Now, Cut that Mixture 3  into 1-inch square or diamond-like pieces using a knife. Gently cover with the polythene squares or diamonds to avoid any type of change in the shape of Soan Papdi.

Step:13 Place them in a cold freezer using an airtight container. 

Step:14 Serve Soan papdi as a dessert dish or as you wish.


Presentation of Soan Papdi


People who are Fond of eating Normally choose Soan Papdi and can be easily available in every sweet shop of urban as well as a rural area of India. Some people eat this Soan Ppadi after their meals and some try it as a dessert-type dish. In India, Soan Papdi is treated to be a Dessert Dish and very tasty and lovable sweets among all other sweets. It can be easily found on each and every occasion or at any type of party. 

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