RAJ BHOG (Kesar Rasgulla)

How to Make Raj Bhog Sweet

RAJ BHOG is also known to be Kesar Rasgulla (Rosgulla), which is very famous and one of the lovable sweet of Bengal. To prepare the Rajbhog sweet a person needs full-toned milk (curd), Kesar (saffron), vinegar (Sirka) or fresh lemon juice, sugar, elaichi (cardamom), sooji (Semolina), and eatable orange food color which is optional or as per taste or any eatable food color you want. Now, For curdling the milk lemon juice can be used in place of Sirka (vinegar). Raj bhog should be made by preparing chenna from fresh milk i.e., full-toned milk, and adding the Kesar (saffron), cardamom (elaichi), and eatable orange food color. Rajbhog (or Kesar rasgulla) injects the taste and decency of the old Indian culture of Kesar (saffron) into the rasgulla. Raj bhog is a spongy and soft type rasgulla with a flavor as well as the same color as Kesar and the center of rajbhog is filled with Elaichi and some dry fruits which gives it a more unique identity and color among all types of other sweets. At last, it is a very famous sweet and dessert of Bengali culture as well as other cultures too. 

History of Rajbhog

The word ‘Rajbhog’, means Raj (king or Maharaja) + bhog (food) giving to the Gods by the kings. In the olden era, only the finest quality sweets were prepared for offering to the kings or for any holy festivals or rituals. Another reason may be that in the olden days, Rajbhog sweet was mainly prepared for the Kings and decorated with different kinds of nuts, elachis, and dry fruits. The price of Saffron (Kesar) at that time is high so, it was only affordable by rich people or by the kings for using it into the sweet, so it was named as Raj bhog

Basic Difference Between Raj Bhog and Rasgulla 

Rajbhog and Rasgulla both are with chenna ( a milk product) and dropped into the sugar syrup i.e., Chashni. The only difference is that Rajbhog is always yellow or orange-colored or in Kesari color, and filled with Pista’s and other dry fruits. Raj bhog is bigger in size than rasgullas

The flavor and taste of raj bhog are also very different from rasgullas as it is because of cardamom (elaichi) and saffron (Kesar) that makes it different. Also, the color is also different because of the Kesar flavor added to it. Sometimes, the Rose flavor is also added to give a new twist to the taste of raj bhog.  Raj bhog is also more dense, spongy, and soft than Rasgullas.

Points that should be kept within the mind before making the Raj bhog at home :-

  • If the milk doesn’t curdle well, so add more fresh lemon juice to it.
  • Do not overheat the rajbhog for a long time, because the rajbhog may turn hard and black in color.
  • If you want to add Rava then add it as it prevents rajbhog from breaking down during the heating process.
  • If the sugar syrup (chashni) is not clean then clean it by adding a teaspoon of fresh milk (high toned).

Ingredients Required for Making Rajbhog easily at home: (10 units of Rajbhog)

  • Take 7 cups of full-toned milk
  • Take 5 tablespoons of Sirka (vinegar) & some water or you can use fresh lemon juice to make curd from milk 
  • A pinch of Kesar (Saffaron)
  • Some Cardamom (elaichi) seeds powder
  • Some drops of eatable Orange food color
  • Small small pieces of pista and some other dry fruits too

Things Required for preparing sugar syrup (chashni) for Rajbhog

  • Take 2&½ cups of sugar
  • 8 cups of water
  • Kesar water i.e., add some Kesar to little water

Steps to Prepare Rajbhog :- 

Step:1 Take a large and deep Kadai (pan) and add 8 cups of milk (full-toned) and starts boiling it. As it reaches its boiling point take it out from the gas and add the vinegar in it (5 tablespoons of vinegar + 5 tablespoons of water) or you can add some drops of fresh lemon juice into it.

Step:2 Now, gently stir the mixture with light hands. Slowly separate the water and mixture (chenna) from it. So, the milk has completely curdled and it is ready to use as a base for Rajbhog.

Step:3 Purify the chenna by using a cheesecloth. Wash and clean the chenna for two or three times to become its sour-free taste. Now, tightly and gently Twist and turn the cheesecloth to take out all water from that chenna.

Step:4 Now, put that chenna on a flat surface and start mashing it. Press and turn around the chenna until it becomes smooth and soft as it is easy for shaping.

Step:5 Now, add a pinch of saffron (Kesar), a pinch of cardamom (elaichi) powder, and some drops of eatable orange food color into that chenna. Mix and press that chenna until the products i.e., Kesar, elaichi, and the orange color can be mixed in a good manner.

Step:6 Made circle-shaped or oval-shaped small balls from that prepared chenna. Gently press chenna balls and make a small hole in the middle of the chenna ball with the help of your finger.

Step:7 Now, put some small pieces of pista and some other pieces of dry fruits in the middle of holed chenna balls. Now, close the chenna balls and again shape them into smooth circle balls by avoiding any type of cracks in between them.

Step:8 Now, take another deep & wide Kadai (pan) and add 2&½ cups of sugar and 8 cups of water and start boiling it and gently stir that mixture to avoid any variations. Also, add saffron water to it. 

Step:9 If you see that sugar water (chashni) is ready so, start dropping chenna balls gently into it and cover the Kadai (pan) and start cooking in neither high nor low i.e., the middle flame for about 15 minutes.

Step:10 Now, the Raj Bhog is ready, and take it out from that Kadai (pan) and store them into a cold freezer or if you want to eat them hot so eat them, as your choice.

Presentation of Raj bhog :-

In India, Raj bhog is treated to be a Dessert Dish and very tasty and lovable sweets among all other sweets. It can be easily found on each and every occasion or at any type of party. People who are Fond of eating Normally choose Raj Bhog and can be easily available in every sweet shop of urban as well as a rural area of India. Some people eat this Raj bhog after their meals and some try it as a dessert-type dish. Hence, it is a very famous dish in India and remains in the heart of every Indian. As we know that India is the only country where different types of sweets are found as the people of India want different types of tastes.



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