Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun is basically a black color sweet having soft texture, & at the center, dry fruits are filled to give immense pleasure as well as taste to this sweet. The fact about it, gulab jamun is fried as normal taste but after dipping it into the sugar-saffron syrupy, hence it becomes sweet in taste. Gulab Jamun is basically a khoya sweet that makes its way to the top of a marriage sweets list i.e., it can easily be found in each & every marriage, occasional events. For making a Gulab jamun, you need to make spongy dough balls which are made up of Khoya and fried in vegetable oil & after, dipped into saffron-sugar syrup. Gulab Jamun is or we can say that a dessert sweet & perfect for offering to the guests, parties, weddings, festivals, or any occasion events. tastes like heaven when eaten warm. 




In India, Jalebi is a popular crunchy dessert or breakfast sweet dish and can be easily found at a wedding breakfast as well as a reception or dinner party. Like gulab jamun, it is also dipped into sugar-saffron syrup after frying it into the vegetable oil and it looks like a delicious dish i.e., the making process as well as after eating makes it a mouth-watering dish. The person who makes Jalebi, basically known to be as Halwai. Even though many songs are created on this jalebi sweet & in India, eating of jalebi is a culture mainly on Ganga Dussehra.




Kheer is also known as Payasam. Basically, we can say that it is a perfect sweet i.e., after-dinner dessert. Kheer is a combination of rice which is then boiled with milk & topped with almonds, pistachios, and could be served hot or cold. It can be easily found at weddings & are very famous during festive seasons or other occasional events.




Shrikhand is a milk-based sweet dish, with saffron & curd in it. Basically, it is sweet-sour in taste & served cold. It is very popular in Maharashtra, Gujarat, & Uttar Pradesh regions. Nowadays, it has become very popular, so many brands are selling shrikhand in a sealed pack box. 


Gajar ka Halwa


Gajar Halwa is the combination of Gajar (carrots) in chopped form, milk, khoya, sugar, & some dry fruits too. Gajar Halwa is a perfect dessert sweet dish for winters as carrots have warming effects & it is also included in the Indian wedding food menu mostly in winters. Sweet and delight aroma i.e., it can fill the entire venue.




Rasmalai is traditionally known as Rosomallai, is a Bengali sweet that is a spongy, creamy, and sugary dessert sweet dish that is cooked in sugar syrup & then dipped into creamy cardamom-saffron added to milk and generally available in oval or spherical shapes. Rasmalai is the combination of two words i.e., “Ras” which means juice, and “Malai” which means cream so, the name itself describes the richness of this sweet. It is a very suitable dish & can be easily found at weddings or family get-togethers.




Rasgulla is also known as Rosogolla, Rosgola, or Rasagola & it is a delightful sweet from the side of the West Bengal region (mainly Kolkata). Basically, it is made up of small circular chenna balls & coked in light sugar syrup. The fact about Rasgulla is that it is a spongy dish with having low sugar level and during preparation, no ghee is added. Nowadays, many variants of rasgulla are available in the market having different kinds of colors, sizes, & tastes.




Ghevar is a Rajasthani cuisine dish & it is disc shaped sweet, the combination of maida, ghee, milk, & sugar. It is also very popular in many other regions like UP, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Haryana. Basically, Ghevar is very famous in the month of August as Hariyali Teej & Raksha Bandhan comes during this month & in India, it is a tradition to eat ghevar in the month of August & these festivals too.




Malpua is very popular in the North Indian region & can be easily found at weddings. Basically, Malpua originated from the Indian subcontinent & became very famous in Nepal, Bangladesh, & Pakistan too. It is mainly served hot with chilled Rabri scattered over it. It is the combination of fried barley & dipped into sugar syrup, topped with dry fruits like pistas, cashew nuts mainly.


Qubani ka Meetha


Qubani is basically an Urdu word For apricot, Qubani ka Meetha is an Indian sweet, made up of apricots & a very famous sweet dish in Andhra Pradesh & Hyderabad region & can be easily found in their regional weddings as well. We can say that it is a royal sweet dish among all other wedding sweets. 




Peda is also known as Doodh peda as it is made up of milk products only. Peda is a popular Indian sweet that is a combo of milk, sugar, and flavoring ingredients like cardamom seed powder or saffron. In ancient times, peda is prepared by simmering the milk for a long period of time to obtain khova, khoya, or mawa from that milk. Then, the sweet agents (or sugar) & flavors are added to it. While preparing the Pera sweet, a person needs to be very attentive as it requires a lot of attention and it also takes time to be fully prepared. The peda of Mathura city is very famous in India as well as outside the Indian boundaries.


Basundi  Recipe