Ice Cream

Popular Ice-Creams


Some of the different kinds of ice-creams that are very famous in Indian culture as well as around the globe:


Hard Ice-Cream

Hard ice cream is basically a combination of milk, sweeteners, cream, eggs, sugar, and stabilizers and in fact, it is traditional ice cream. Generally, hard ice creams are easily found (or available) in roadside shops, parlors, cafeterias, malls, restaurants, having variations in taste, color, texture, & size, flavors too. We can simply say that it is normal or regular ice cream without any special ingredients that are hazardous to health. These ice creams are generally preferable by those people who do not have any digestive problems or eating habits & they generally eat this ice cream without any problems or without any interaction.


French Ice-Cream

French ice cream is generally very popular as Custard ice cream as it has custard as the main ingredient. French ice cream basically be originated from France but if you are thinking that French ice cream would only be popular in France, then it is wrong, but it also very famous in the world. French ice creams are a combination of cream, milk, custard base along with milk,, egg yolks, Essences & many more…


Light Ice-Cream

Basically, light ice cream is similar to the regular ice creams but has a small difference i.e., the milk used for making light ice cream generally contains 25% less fat than normal fat means it uses saturated milk instead of Full toned milk. This ice cream is generally preferred by those people, who are on diet or want to follow the dietary routine chart as it is easily digestive & can be easily available in the marketplace.


Organic Ice-Cream

As the name suggests, Organic ice cream is same to same as its name, i.e., it is made up of natural & organic ingredients only. Organic ice cream does not have any side effects on the body, so it is considered as a good ice cream.


No-sugar Ice-Cream

As the name suggests, No sugar ice creams do not contain any sugary ingredients, in simple words we can say that it is made by either using artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes. Hence, These ice creams are also be termed sugar-free ice creams. Rebel Keto ice creams, Arctic zero frozen ice cream are some famous examples of No-sugar ice creams that taste the flavors of ice cream along with taking care of their health too. 


Soft Ice-Cream

As the name suggests, Soft ice creams have a soft texture and usually, these are prepared at higher temperatures than regular ice creams as high temperature helps the ice cream to maintain a soft texture, smooth, & creamy for a long run. These ice creams are generally soft textures than regular ice creams and are most preferable by old age people because of their tooth problems & digesting problems. Soft ice cream is very famous among kids too.

Ice-Cream Cones

Ice cream cones were the first and the most famous ice cream shape among the people. The first ice cream Cone came into the existence in the year 1904 and From that time it lived in the hearts of many people i.e., it is very famous. In simple words, we can say that the ice cream cones are deep hollow cones made up of wafers in which ice cream is kept and then it is served, but both are eaten means the cone & ice cream are eaten. With the passage of time, the ice cream cones have many variations like different kinds of flavors, colors, aroma, etc.


Ice-Cream Sticks

Ice cream stick is a another famous type of ice cream shape. These ice creams are made while freezing the ice cream ingredients with a stick projecting out from the bodies. These stick ice creams are very well famous in the world. The only problem with these ice cream sticks is that begin to melt instantly hence they are kept at low temperature & it gets a little messy texture.


Ice-Cream Cakes

Ice cream cakes are basically a frozen cakes that are basically designed for those who want to eat full ice cream or for parties. Ice cream cakes have many variations in terms of different flavors, shapes of cakes that make the ice cream easily available and convenient to eat.


Ice-Cream Buckets

As the name suggests, the ice buckets contain different types of ice cream flavors means ice creams are directly poured into buckets. The buckets also contain toppings, sugar syrups & have different sizes i.e., small or large & can easily be available at any ice parlors, restaurants, or in marketplaces. These ice cream buckets are generally preferred for family gatherings, parties, weddings, birthdays, or any occasional events.


Ice-Cream Floats

AS the name suggests, Ice cream Floats are a delicious combination of ice cream liquid along with ice cream floating on top of it. This type of ice cream variety is very famous as the name of liquid dessert & a taste to the consumers for their monetary value. Ice cream float is made up of one or two scoops of ice creams (with different flavors) floating on top of a glass containing ice cream liquid.

The liquid inside the glass is basically a fizzy liquid (or coke) or ice cream liquid that helps in forming carbonated bubbles, which seems very interesting to the customers. 


Ice-Cream Sundae 

Ice cream sundae is a combo of ice cream and with different toppings and flavored syrups that boosts up the taste of ice cream & makes it an amazing dessert dish. For making this ice cream, add some scoops of ice cream in a tall glass & then add different flavors, ingredients, toppings, & syrups according to your choice. Hence, Ice cream Sundae is the most popular and well-famous ice cream dessert dish among people.


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