Some of the different kinds of Lassi that are very famous in Indian culture as well as around the globe:

Masala Lassi


Basically, Masala lassi is different from other forms of lassis available in the market. As its name suggests, it contains salts & masala ie.e., it does not contain the amount of sweet Syrup or Sugar in it. For making it more spicy & tangy, it also has Green Chilli and the Mint or Cilantro Leaves and also a pinch of cumin seeds. 

Caramel Espresso Lassi


Normally, caramel espresso lassi is preferred as a dessert type drink. It is basically a combo of caramel, cream with coffee powder & dahi (yogurt), sugar & milk. This lassi is very famous among north cultural region where people generally often their drink as their regular day-time drink.

Vanilla Lassi


Vanilla lassi, as its name suggests it contains vanilla essence as its main ingredient & it is a sweet-flavored Lassi that is very new in the market. The fact about this lassi is that it almost tastes like the Milkshake. 


Jeera Lassi


As we all know that jeera (cumin seeds) are very useful for digestive problems. So, this lassi is a mixture of Curd, Cream, Lemon juice, and Cumin (Jeera) powder, which gives it a unique & flavorful texture to it.


Spiced Milk Lassi With Kiwi and Mint


Spiced milk lassi with kiwi & mint is very amazing & yummy to drink as by hearing about it, a normal person can even know about its taste. Basically, it contains curd, milk, spices like Cardamom and Cinnamon – and the Rose Water and Kiwi paste which provides it a unique texture too.

Pink Lassi


Pink lassi is an energizing drink Lassi. It is pink in color because it contains Roohapza as one of the main components used in it. It contains many ingredients that are healthy and nutritious. Pink lassi is creamy and smooth and basically served chilled.


Sweetened Honey Lassi


Sweetened honey lassi is amazing, delicious, and reviving drink that can easily fix your upset mood. For making this lassi, instead of using Sugar, Honey is a better choice and gives it a superior taste. The Basil leaves utilized for embellishing adds a stunning character to them.


Orange Lassi


Orange lassi is basically similar to Strawberry Lassi. All the Orange aficionados couldn’t imagine anything better than to evaluate this one. This lassi is plentiful in the wellspring of nutrients, vitamin C, and also it is very healthy. Mainly, orange lassi gives great taste, when it is served chilled.


Lassi With Ice-Cream


Partake in the late spring heat with a virus dash of seasoned frozen yogurt Lassi. Different kinds of decisions are accessible. Keeping it light during the summers is better so the suggested flavors are blushing or fruity.


Grape Lassi


Grape lassi is a mixture of curd & grapes. The fact about this lassi is that it contains many minerals, vitamins, & proteins that are very useful for our body. Grape lassi is very famous in the season of summer as it is a thirst satisfier, refreshing and healthy drink.


Cardamom Lassi


As it name suggests, cardamon lassi is a mixture of elachi with some sweeteners in it. It may be both that is salty as well as sweet. This lassi is very famous in the region of Punjab & can be easily found on the dining tables of Punjabis & it is mainly garnished with pistas, or with coriander leaves.

Kesar–Pista Lassi


If you are a dry fruit lover then it is the best choice for you. We all know that dry fruits are healthy and enriched with nutrition. The Punjabis love utilizing these dry organic products which incorporate Almonds to Walnuts and Pistachios to Raisins. They utilize these for embellishing a few dishes like desserts and Halwas. Utilizing them to describe Lassi turns into an extraordinary beverage that isn’t just useful for wellbeing yet additionally flavorsome.

Chocolate Lassi

As we all know that children love to eat chocolates, so this lassi is a special made for them. It is not necessary that only children can enjoy this lassi but everyone’s favourite irrespective of their age. It is creamy, having a thick & dark surface which makes it more delightful & makes it yummy in taste.

Strawberry Lassi


On the off chance that you are a Strawberry lover then you should evaluate the Strawberry Lassi. The character will make you experience passionate feelings for and hunger for addition. The pink tone will in general draw in the children and furthermore end up being their undisputed top choice.


Sweet Lassi


Sweet lassi is a new variety of conventional lassi or a beverage drink. Be that as it may, recently, this beverage has become well known among individuals. The fragrance of the rose water added to it makes it scrumptious. 


Salty Lassi


Salty lassi is much similar to masala lassi but the only difference is that masala lassi contains a great variety of masala powder but the salty lassi is a mixture of cumin powder, buttermilk, curd & other ingredients. Salty lassi is mainly served in summer seasons i.e., served on humid afternoons during summertime.


Mint Lassi


Mint lassi is very much similar to normal lassi but the difference is only that it contains mint agents (like, pudina) and cumin seeds which gives chilly and refreshing flavour to it and as we all know that mint agents are helps to beat the heat of summer and also improves digestive system. Mint lassi is mainly served chilled.


Masala Lassi 2


Masala lassi 2 is somewhat an upgraded version of masala lassi means some additional spices are used while preparation & instead of using sugar, jaggery & its products are used which makes it more delightful & healthy too. It is a standard lassi on the occasion of Holi with a pinch of Bhang in it.