Some of the different kinds of Coffees that are very famous in Indian culture as well as around the globe:



Coffee Drink:1 Espresso Coffee


Espresso coffee is also known as a short black coffee. Basically, an espresso coffee is treated as a single shot coffee. It has an intense and flavorsome coffee drink because No extra hot water is added, which gives it a unique texture. An espresso shot is basically prepared by the combination of hot water & fresh coffee beans together. In fact, espresso coffee is treated as a primary base for other coffees & beverages too.


CoffeeDrink:2 Doppio Coffee


Doppio has come from an Italian word that literally means ‘double’. We can say that basically, a Doppio is a 2x (60 ml) of espresso coffee i.e., a double shot of espresso coffee with no further addition of hot water or milk. 


Coffee Drink:3 Ristretto Coffee


A ristretto has come from an Italian word that literally means  ‘restricted’. So basically, a Ristretto is a ½ shot of espresso coffee means it is prepared with half the amount of water, which results in a delicious coffee drink & made it a concentrated shot. A ristretto Coffee drink is mainly served straight but milk also be added to this coffee to maximize its taste & texture.


Coffee Drink:4 Long Black Coffee


A long black is basically prepared by adding a double-shot (2x or 60 ml) of espresso coffee means Doppio coffee is added to the hot water, which results in a more black texture & made it more strong flavored coffee. For example, an Americano coffee is the combination of hot water to the espresso coffee shot.


Coffee Drink:5 Short Macchiato Coffee


A short macchiato is mainly a single shot espresso coffee with a combination of creamy steamed milk & generally has a wide layer of foam. They served in a small glass & become very popular among the youngsters.


Coffee Drink:6 Long Macchiato Coffee


A long macchiato is similar to a short macchiato, but instead of using a single shot, the double shot (60 ml) of a short macchiato is served to the customers.


Coffee Drink:7 Mezzo (or Piccolo) Coffee


A mezzo coffee is also known as a piccolo coffee. It is a single espresso shot (30 ml), which is mainly served in small glasses & when the coffee is filled then a thick layer of steamed milk is poured.


Coffee Drink:8 Cappuccino Coffee


When the Cappuccino coffee drink came into our mind, it is Recognized by the froth on top A cappuccino Coffee drink is having one part of espresso shot coffee, one part of textured milk, and one part is for the froth on top having chocolate flavorings on it.


Coffee Drink:9 Latte Coffee


A latte is basically an espresso coffee shot having steamed milk and a thick layer of foamed cream milk.


Coffee Drink:10 Flat White Coffee


A flat white coffee is similar to a latte coffee drink. But, the only difference is that instead of using steamed milk, the un-textured milk (no air incorporated when being steamed) is used & which results in an espresso shot and the steamed milk has no froth or little forth.


Coffee Drink:11 Mocha Coffee


A Mocha coffee drink is similar to a latte coffee drink with the added sweetness of chocolate. Basically, Mocha coffee drink is the combination of chocolate to the espresso coffee shot before adding the textured milk to it or before adding the chocolate to the cold milk.


Coffee Drink:12 Affogato Coffee


Affogato Coffee drink is prepared by the combination of a scoop of vanilla-flavored ice cream and a double shot (60 ml) of hot espresso coffee. It is a suitable beverage drink for a dinner treat or post-lunch meal.


Coffee Drink:13 Batch Brew Coffee


A batch brew is a machine-made coffee (like a Moccamaster coffee) drink that is this coffee made by an automated coffee pour-over machine like the AeroPress, V60, or Chemex automated devices. These automated coffee pour machines use a coffee filter technology and a larger & wide range of coffee brew quantities.


Coffee Drink:14 Cold Drip Coffee


As the name suggests, it is a cold coffee. Cold drip coffee is similar to the machine-made coffee brewed in a pour-over device. But the only difference is that cold water is used instead of hot water and makes it a long-run process. 

Coffee Drink:15 Cold Brew Coffee


Cold Brew coffee is basically prepared by the combination of premium Zambia coffee beans with cold water for a pre-prepared time period, which makes the coffee more smooth and has a refreshing texture having approximately 180mg of caffeine (similar to a double-shot espresso coffee drink- 60 ml).