Some of the different kinds of cocktail drinks that are very famous in Indian culture as well as around the globe:

  • Cocktail Drink:1 The Martini

The Martini is best known for and a lovable gin cocktail of all time. In the olden days, Martini contains only two ingredients i.e., gin & dry vermouth & spinach olive is used as a garnishing agent on it but nowadays it has many variations. The martini is basically a stirred cocktail-type drink; means it is never shaken before serving as shaking can over-aerate the martini drink & also change its taste of it. Martini can be both i.e., it may be dry or it may be wet. It can be dry with some quantity of vermouth & it may be wet as it contains an equal ratio of gin & vermouth. Martini is basically served cold or chilled in a Martini glass. Winston Churchill (prime minister of the US at the time of the second world war) liked Martini drink dry, so they started gin. 

  • Cocktail Drink:2 Negroni

The negroni is a delicious & tasty cocktail drink. Negroni has a sunset-colored gin because of its one of the major ingredients i.e., Campari, an aromatic herb that has a bitter flavor, and sweet vermouth. In other words, we can say that it is a sweeter version of red wine having the aromatized and fortified taste. In the olden days, Negroni has contains only a few ingredients like gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth in an equal ratio. Before serving it is stirred well and basically orange slices are used as a garnishing product & served with ice in a rocks glass. 

  • Cocktail Drink:3 Rum Mixed Drinks

Rum is unique & a crowd-pleaser cocktail drink because of its smoky sweetness, and it basically comes under the category of tropical-themed drinks because it has been made for centuries many in places where sugar cane is grown such as Cuba, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Brazil, etc. Rum has its own versatile taste & own texture and it is made up of Molasses (or sugarcane) & it has many flavors like it can be dark, light, spiced, or unflavored. 


  • Cocktail Drink:4 Daiquiri

Daiquiri is sour in taste. There are many ways to make a daiquiri cocktail drink, but the traditional way to prepare a daiquiri cocktail is that it contains an equal ratio of sweet syrup and souring agent (fresh lemon or orange juice) with two parts rum (usually light rum, but it’s interesting with dark or spiced rum). The daiquiri cocktail is garnished with lemon slices & shaken with ice and basically served in a well chilled cocktail glass.

  • Cocktail Drink:5 Mojito

The mojito cocktail drink comes from the Havana region & for the last two decades, it became very popular around the world having some variations like some people add fruits (like tropical fruits, berries), essences, while preparation. As the name suggests, The mojito is a classic fizz cocktail that is mainly made up of mint, rum, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup (or simple syrup), and soda water. Before serving, it is tarnished with mint & served shaken on ice in a high neck glass.

  • Cocktail Drink:6 Margarita

Margarita is mainly originated from the plexus region of Rome & became very popular for the last two decades & it also has some variations like frozen and blended with fruit flavors, such as the watermelon margarita. The margarita is basically coming under the category of tequila & the most popular & delicious tequila cocktail drink mainly among youngsters. A classic margarita is sour in taste & contains an equal ratio of fresh lime juice and agave syrup (essence) with two parts of tequila. Before serving, It is shaken or mix well and mainly served in a rocks glass in a chilled cocktail glass with some pinches of salt. 


  • Cocktail Drink:7 Vodka Martinis

We can say that the vodka martini is a similar version of the gin martini. As it is made for those cocktail lovers who want a clean combination of vodka & vermouth. Before serving, it is stirred or mix well & it follows the exact recipe of a gin martini, but instead of using gin, vodka is used. Before serving it, it is garnished with an olive. You will track down various different kinds of other cocktail drinks that contain vodka and other seasoning agents named as vodka martinis, despite the fact that perfectionists contend that since it comes straight-up in a chilled martini glass doesn’t make it a martini, and genuine martinis are vodka or gin and vermouth. Nonetheless, such idealists are rare, so assuming you need to consider it is a martini, regardless of whether it contains some ingredients like Bailey’s Irish Cream, or it is an Appletini.


  • Cocktail Drink:8 Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is the most popular & delicious, tasty cocktail drink. It is a combination of tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce (just a dash), fresh lemon juice, tabasco, and different kinds of salts. Before serving it is garnished with a celery stick. The classic bloody marry drink is made by pouring all the ingredients from container to container in a cocktail shaker and is mainly served in a chilled high neck glass. Nonetheless, late years have brought a pattern of different kinds of bloody mary cocktail blended beverages, with every barkeep guarding their mysterious fixings to enliven the work of art, like horseradish, pickle juice, celery salt, bacon-enhanced vodka, and small pieces of ice. One more variation in the tomato juice and vodka ( or bloody marry) is that it contains more amount of garnishing toppings agents like,  speared shrimp, pizza cuts, cheeseburgers, bacon cuts, and sometimes more than one of these things.

  • Cocktail Drink:9 Cosmopolitan

The cosmopolitan cocktail drink is very famous among the youngsters of the 21st century especially among girls as a night-out drink. It is because, while preparation of Cosmopolitan cocktail drink, the cranberry juice is used as a primary ingredient & the color of the cosmopolitan also changes to pretty ruby color, but it is also because of the correct combination of sweet and sour flavors from the juice, triple sec, and fresh lemon juice. Before serving, the cosmopolitan is shaken well & garnished with lemon slices are used to be a garnishing agent and mainly served in a chilled martini glass.

  • Cocktail Drink:10 Lemon Drop

The lemon drop is a very popular and delicious, tasty vodka drink that became very popular since from the last decade. A lemon drop is a sour vodka drink made up of lemon juice and simple syrup to two parts of citron vodka in equal proportions (or ratio). It is usually garnished with lemon slices, and in some cases, it is also garnished with lemon drop candy. Before serving, the lemon juice drink is shaken well with ice and served mainly in a chilled martini glass with some quantity of sugared rum. 

  • Cocktail Drink:11 Moscow Mule

The Moscow mule is invented by the Smirnoff company, in Russia. Moscow mule is a mixture of vodka (2 ounces), tangy ginger beer (4 ounces), and sour fresh lemon juice (½ ounce). The Moscow mule is basically served on the rocks in a copper mule cup. Moscow mule has different flavors & lots to explore and taste because of the availability of flavored vodkas, as well as fresh, different kinds of in-season & off-season fruits & many other ingredients that give it a unique texture.